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Token Address: 5j2shkkzascw33QpW6RRqfRkacLkn7QwwV1e7jX36nyn

Pair Contract: P7yTvNtnMkULkgAW5Bzk54CQExwNw23aV1xpadd1fHWqS



About Feces Coin

Welcome to the world of Feces Coin, where we're revolutionizing the meme coin landscape with transparency, community engagement, and real liquidity backing.

Our Mission

Feces Coin was born out of a desire to inject honesty and integrity into the often murky waters of meme coins. While many meme coins flood the market with empty promises and speculative hype, we're committed to providing a genuine value proposition backed by solid liquidity and a dedicated community.

Equivalent Liquidity vs. Market Cap

One of the key metrics that sets Feces Coin apart is its equivalent liquidity compared to its market capitalization. Unlike many meme coins that rely solely on hype and speculative trading, Feces Coin boasts a liquidity pool that matches or exceeds its market cap. This means that our coin has real value and stability, offering investors peace of mind in a volatile market.


At Feces Coin, we believe in the power of community. Our project is driven by a passionate and engaged community of investors, developers, and enthusiasts who are committed to the long-term success of the coin. We prioritize transparency and open communication, ensuring that our community is informed and involved every step of the way.

Join the Feces Revolution

If you're tired of the scams and empty promises that plague the meme coin space, join us in the Feces revolution. Together, we can build a community-driven cryptocurrency that offers real value, transparency.


Total Supply = 1 Billion (1,000,000,000.00) FECES

Max Supply = 750 Million (750,000,000.00) FECES


Circulating Supply = 750 Million (750,000,000.00) FECES

Burned Supply = 250 Million (250,000,000.00) FECES

LP tokens are burnt, and contract ownership is renounced.

Copyright © Feces Coin  All Rights Reserved

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